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chthonic-empath asked:

Hello, I see you are a follower of Cernunnos. The reason I'm messaging you is because I was a follower of Cernunnos and because of a relationship I was in I fell out of touch with him. I repressed my pagan beliefs and practices for the relationship and I'm now out of the relationship and have realized how stupid I was for doing it. Basically what I'm asking is that I feel like Cernunnos is agitated with me and I've been looking for a way to reconnect with him. Do you have any ideas please?

Well I think you’ve taken the first steps towards healing. He may be agitated now, but I find Him to be a fatherly figure in most respects - stern, but only because He expects better from you. The fact that you have seen that you were wrong and want to make amends should make Him more open for negotiating and working your way back into His good graces.

Make offerings to Him. I find He appreciates things you make by hand and from scratch. Plant and herbal offerings are also appreciated. I find He loves my offerings of herbal teas, especially those made with loose leaves, but using tea bags would also be fine. Take walks in the woods, or in a park, or just get outside and appreciate your surroundings. If that’s not possible, get a houseplant. Offer it to Him, and whenever you see it or water it or take care of it, keep Him in your thoughts. If you are horrible with plants, get a fake plant. It’s the thought that counts, and knowing your own limitations and adapting to them will earn you respect with Him.

Give Him some time and keep showing Him you are
still interested in working with Him. Eventually He will reach out to you.


Herbs for Depression

It should be noted that if you have serious depression, you might want to seek professional help. However, herbs have helped me. They are calming and soothing and can also, instead of having side effects of making you lethargic, actually improve your energy levels. Herbs are not as fast acting or powerful as psychiatric medications. They also need to be given time.

Motherwort is the herb for depression I have used most commonly. It is known as a nerve tonic and is really good for anxiety. Motherwort is very soothing. The best way to take it, due to its bitter taste is in tincture form. 10-30 drops a day every day is what’s advised. I took it in the morning, but you can also take it before bed to help insomnia. It can be effective immediately in high stress situations and should be taken every 5 to 10 minutes.

Skull Cap
Skull cap can be make you very sleepy, so be aware of that before taking. I like to take it before bed. It escalates the nervous system during times of stress and can be used to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. There is also a difference between American and Chinese skull cap and American is the variety you want when attempting to treat depression. It’s good as in infusion or tincture several times a day.

Oatstraw infusion is a great way to treat depression. You make an infusion by a cup of the dried herbs in a quart of boiling water, steeping for four hours, then straining. Refrigerate and drink as needed. It’s most effective when used over time and can also be very relaxing.

Lavender is a wonderful nerve tonic, good for headaches, migraines, depression, restlessness, and stress. It’s incredibly calming and works in many ways. I love to use lavender essential oil, personally. It’s also great as a tea, tincture, in oils, and in the bath tub.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm, pat of the mint family, is a mild sedative that soothes the nervous system in a gentle way. It helps anxiety and works with the thyroid an output of excess T3 (which can cause tension). It helps insomnia, pains, headaches, and can calm the stomach. It can be used as a tincture, but also makes a delicious tea. I’ve never taken it specifically for depression, but love to use it for beverage teas rather than medicinal infusions.

Licorice is wonderful in any tea or decoction to enhance flavor and is also available as capsules and extractions. Licorice actually contains glycyrrhzin that helps the body breakdown cortisol so it can better deal with stress. It also contains natural serotonin reuptake inhibitors. I use it in most teas I make and I advise it. Just watch out for any side effects.

Hops are incredibly bitter, so it’s best as a tincture. It’s effective for insomnia and is relaxing to the nervous system. However, since hops is a strong sedative some say it can make depression worse. If used, use at night and pay close attention to how you feel.

Kava is a wonderful herb because it heightens awareness while relieving stress and relaxing. It helps insomnia and anxiety disorders. Watch your dosage however, because it can make you sleepy. A tincture is best for treating depression. Kava should be taken with moderation and can impair liver functioning. Do not take it with medications or two weeks before surgery. It is a very strong diuretic.

St. John’s Wort
St John’s Wort is one of the most commonly recommended herbs for depression. I have never taken it because it can effect psychiatric medication and speeds liver functioning. You should not take it with any medications. However, it has strong scientific evidence as being very effective for treating depression.

GLA or Gamma-linolenic acid
GLA is found in evening primrose, borage and black currant seed oils. Hops also contains GLA. Essential fatty acid/GLA deficiency can cause depression, so taking capsules that contain GLA can be effective.

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Last week I realized the solstice was coming and I had nothing planned and Cernunnos was upset (He knocks his candle over when he wants something). The words wouldn’t come to me for a spell or ritual, so I panicked for a bit. However, my husband and I just finished a part of our rock wall, and I had the idea last night to plant my beautiful Japanese Butterfly Maple this morning to honor the solstice and Cernunnos. Just as I finished putting it in the ground, the sun came up over the neighbors house and bathed it in light. I think He is pleased with me now.

Happy summer solstice everyone! I hope it turns out as well as you wish it to!





How To Calculate Your Tarot Birth Cards.

The Secret Language of Birthdays book that I have has each day’s tarot card listed on the page!


Soul Card: The Emperor. Merrr, I don’t like this card. It’s so stuffy and stodgy. 

Personality card: The Lovers

Soul Card: The lovers

Birth Card : The devil 

Birth Card:  The Hanged Man

Personality Card:  The Hanged Man

Soul Card:  The Empress

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